Woke up this morning and the blog had reached the 8,000 followers mark. Yesterday while going through my dash I noticed I was in the 7,900s and i was really taken aback because i hadn’t notice and tried to think of what to make, and ended up deciding to do an edit. Being the person i am for absolutely no reason my mind was like “Why don’t you add a conversation,” which explains the second one. But yeah the blog has reached 8,000 followers. I don’t think you guys realize how appalled I am every time I reach a new thousand, you guys probably think i am joking when I ask how you are finding this blog and why you are following but i am totally being serious, like “How?”. I seriously have no idea what to say anymore lol, and if you are still reading this i am probably wasting your time, and you should stop reading while i try to stop babbling in this paragraph. Are you still reading? You have a lot of patience for someone like me, and why do i keep typing? Like really, my fingers are moving on their own for no apparent reason. If you are still reading may shisus have mercy on your soul for reading the last few stupid sentences and bearing them. Ok now i really need to stop but to congratulate you for dealing with the stupidity that i am writing i am going to tell you a secret, move closer, and closer. I am actually a…..potato, there I said it but shhhh don’t tell anyone this should stay between you and I, but ok now i am seriously stopping. 

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  2. captaincherry413 said: omg yr cute. and if yr a potato then i’m like… an onion or smth. YAAY happy 8k!~
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